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My passion for DID comes from watching Wonder Woman in the late 70's. I was always thinking up new sexy perils for her.

And Lynda Carter had such huge bouncing boobs! I was in awe!

In fact I remember the first time that put me over the edge….  thinking of WW in a sinking peril!

I imagined… What if...  


The villains had of course tricked the lovely Wonder Woman into standing in the center of a large and 50 foot deep quicksand pit.  Once Wonder Wonder realizes her red boots are stuck to the ‘floor’ the trap is sprung, and the rest of the floorboards mechanically draw away leaving the now helpless Wonder Woman standing in the middle of a 30 foot wide hole of quicksand eager to consume her shapely body.  Like a fly on flypaper, the curvy heroine is stuck!

The more Wonder Woman tries to pull her legs out of the clinging mire, the deeper her red boots are pulled in deeper into the quicksand’s evil clutches.  As the villains run to slam the warehouse doors shut locking her inside the abandoned warehouse – the perfect place for a deathtrap – all the doors are bolted shut.  In the middle of the lonely night… no one would ever come by in time!

Wonder Woman keeps sinking.  Slowly, very slowly, up her calves, her boots are devoured.  Followed too quickly by her bare knees...  her lovely body is inevitably sinking lower and lower into the warm gritty quicksand. Slowly those shapely thighs are surrounding to the quicksand, as Wonder Woman, feels herself getting deeply sucked in.  It continued to pull her thighs down.  Desperately the resourceful Wonder Woman looks for a means of escape.  But she's in the center of the pit, the edges are much too far to reach.

Legs sink completely as she struggles, her star spangled panties are soon pulled in.

But she's in a warehouse, and she still has her golden lasso!
As her shapely buns sink into the ooze, the star spangled panties going down into the warm embrace of the ooze, soon Wonder Woman is down to her thin waist.  Her time is quickly running out, her body over halfway submerged already.

However…There's hope for the heroine, if she can only lasso one of the beams above her... WW can pull herself out of doom!

As WW tries over and over again to throw the lasso up and snag the beam, her torso sinks lower and lower... the huge cups of her breasts coming closer to the yellow brown surface of the quicksand.

Time quickly ticking down...

But WW is getting SO close to the beam which each toss.

The excitement builds, and WW's breasts settle on the quicksand and begin to slowly get pulled in the sexy feel of her tits being surrounded by warm doom, causing her nipples protrude in the cups revealing there position, hard and erect.
Only time for a few more tosses, I imagine her pulse pounding, trying to remain calm against the fear of her possible death if she fails.

As her nipples are now close to the surface, she barely missed the beam, and renews her energy and spirit, and rallies for a mighty effort, Tossing the shiny rope as high as her strength allows...


The lasso sails up and up... and... catches!!!

The lasso latches around the overhead beam securely!!!

WW gasps in relief

And she reaches of the hanging end of her lasso.

Only... it's out of her reach!!!

Only inches from her straining hand!!!  Fingers extended… grasping only air!

Freedom so close, yet trapped snuggly in the pulling warm quicksand, she cannot move closer to the lasso that can pull her to safety, dangling just a few inches away…

As her nipples fell the warm quicksand caressing them, pulling her to her fate, slow death in the quicksand..

Trapped!  Helpless!

She'll never reach her lasso, and without it....

Wonder Woman continues to sink, her fate inevitable now.

Soon the gritty liquid sand is pouring over the golden cups… filling her cleavage!
No one can hear Wonder Woman’s final frantic cries.



In a dimly light warehouse, in the middle of nowhere, a carelessly forgotten open window allows a night breeze to sway the loose end of a hanging thin golden lasso to flutter tantalizingly close to the surface of a tranquil pool of slowly hardening yellow sand.
The 'Dressed For Peril' entry didn't get as many insights as I had hoped.  Maybe because you knew you'd soon be stripped naked anyway...

Which brought up an interesting debate with one heroine.  How would you like to be stripped before facing your erotic peril or deathtrap???

Would you like your costume removed by:
1> Torn off in the struggle/fight
2> Villain personally disrobes you
3> Disintegration beam (head to toe, or toe to head)
4> Wake up nude
5> You are forced to disrobe as villain watches
6> Laser beam
7> Scissors (other cutting tools)
8> other (What???)

Let me know what you think, as Doom aims to please his doomed heroines!

Love Ya~



Doctor Victor Von Doom
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Evil villian, looking for cute superheroines for wild nights within castle walls, primarily in the dungeon. Choices include, but not limited to: wall of spikes, pendullum, quicksand pits, lasers, X crosses, racks, milking machines, and a rickety old wooden buzzsaw which may fall apart at any given moment.

Tea and crackers for all guests!

No appointment necessay!



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